Monday, April 09, 2007

Something Important to Think About: An Inconvenient Truth

I don't consider myself to be a liberal (though my father would likely disagree) and I am certainly not one that runs around telling everyone they have to "save the planet" but I just got done watching the Academy Award winning documentary film "An Inconvenient Truth" and I have to say that if you are at all unaware, curious or intrested in the global warming issue you really need to take the time and see this film.
The man who would be president, Al Gore, has been travelling all over the world sharing the basic message that we as a planet of humans are in BIG trouble. He paints a pretty grim picture of the future in his presentation of what he claims are the FACTS about global warming and I must admit he is considerably more believable than Michael Moore or those idiots from "Loose Change" Throughout the near feature length film he presents a variety of intellectually stimulating information that will really make you at least think if not start doing something about it.
There are certainly detractors, naysayers and those who just plain old don't like Al Gore at all (not the least of which I am sure are the oil and auto industries) and I am still trying to sift through all of the information to decide if what he says is as worrisome as he would like us to believe. But nevertheless, the documentary is presented in an way that will at least make you more aware of some of the issues you probably know about as well as some that you may not. And if you are like me, some of it will be shocking to say the least.

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