Friday, April 06, 2007

Blogger News bar question for anyone

Google has this cool new feature where you can put a news reel in your blog but when i try to use it it only comes up with Korean news. My blogger and my blog is all in English but my news is in Korean. What gives? Anyone know how to fix this or do i just have to complain to google.


Nomad said...

I *think* it's because Google is going by the IP of the computer you use to blog with. Have you ever tried to go to some site like Google, or Dell, and ended up on the Korean version of the page? I think this is the same principle. Not sure what, if anything, you can do to remedy that.

Fencerider said...

i have the same problem with a lot of sites like this....Microsoft does the same's annoying as all 'gitout' ... somebody needs to let these people know that English speakers live and blog all over the world and they need to find a better way.