Friday, April 27, 2007

Let's SpeaKING???

You'd think that with the number of native speakers enslaved working at YBMs all over Korea they would be able to find just ONE who would willingly take two seconds to look at this advertising slogan and tell them how utterly WRONG it is and on how many different levels. Someone, somewhere must have thought this was a really clever use of the last part of the word "speaKING" which was (from the Korean in the ad) to tell the reader that they can become an "English Speaking King." The really sad thing is that too many of the target audience for this ad will actually understand EXACTLY what is meant by this poor excuse for English and think it actually IS clever. Then they will start using "Let's" with gerunds and other nouns to say really annoying clever things like, "Let's kisSING", "Let's Well-BEING" or "Let's DrinKING".

Note also: The symbols next to the woman's face that proclaim the years of quality awards received by the product that is YBM. How can you argue with that? It MUST be a good place to learn Konglish English, right?

In case I have erred and there is some obscure usage for a gerund with 'Let's' please let me know. Until then...look for more in the new "AD of the week" section.


Jon Allen said...

what has got to be worse is the 'Thinking English' with the Joong Ang daily.
Almost without fail in their multiple choice 'complete the sentance' I find something either completely wrong, or just a stupid word that does not sound right at all in the sentance. That Kenny Kim is a liability!

Anonymous said...

I worked there at the time of this crime. The native English teachers told Mr. Kim that the slogan was Sttuuuuupppid but he thought it would appeal to the Koreans and get them in the door. We lost.