Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I hate to say I told you so (not!)

I posted a few weeks back on the subject of weight loss and "why Koreans are becoming fatter" and it seems that those in the know agree with me.

Nocturnal snacks are doing serious damage to the health of Koreans, experts say. It’s not easy to keep a resolution to go on a diet when it is possible to have fried chicken or smoked pork hocks delivered within five minutes even at 1:00 a.m. just by making a phone call. But experts warn that nighttime snacks
are emerging as one of the country’s leading health threats.
In my post I cited night eating (which the linked article calls 'dysphagia')and the Korean night eating culture as a (or even 'the') major cause of the expanding Korean waistline and it looks like I may be on to something. I can certainly tell you that my own battle with dysphagia has been successful so far. I am now down 35kg which is half way to my goal and I credit the larger part of my success on my 'no food in the mouth after 6pm' policy. I can also tell you that just like any good 'holic' (is there a 12-step program for dysphagia?) I have had my relapses where I have consumed food at night and each time it has happened, the scale tells the tale the next morning; usually to the tune of 1 or 2 kilos.

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