Thursday, April 12, 2007

Enough with the Persecution Complex Already!

The things that pass for news these days! The Chosun Ilbo laments the current view of Koreans in recent Hollywood movies:

The most egregious example was the movie "Falling Down," directed by Joel Schumacher and starring Michael Douglas. It was released here in 1997, a full four years late, due to opposition from civic groups. In the early part of the movie, a recalcitrant Korean shopkeeper is subjected to a tirade by Michael Douglas’ Angry White Guy. "You come to my country, take my money and don't even learn my language?" Douglas asks. "Do you have any idea how much money my country has given your country?"

And I suppose that there are no Koreans that would do that, so the portrayal of an individual Korean as having this type of personality is just unrealistic, right?

I could say a few words about the way foreigners are treated in the Hallyuwood. I could say how the US Army was demonized in Koreas biggest hit movie "The Host". I could say how local television news programs continuously portray foreign English teachers as unqualified, philandering drug-dealing good-for-nothings. I could go on an on about the lack of even a slightly interesting foreign character in ANY Korean movie or drama. Then I might segue into a tirade about how whenever foreigners ARE cast on big or small screen the dialogue that is written for them is unrealistic and exaggerated. Then I could mention the apparent lack of acting skills found in the foreigners cast. I could go on and on about SES and their public anti-Americanism. I could, go on...but I won't. I hate to state the obvious here but there are people both good and bad in all races. Hollywood and Hallyuwood are cut from the same cloth. Get over yourself!

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EFL Geek said...

You could say all those things, but you didn't. That's good because no one would listen if you did say them. And even if they were listening they would say you don't understand the Korean way because you are a foreigner.