Thursday, December 21, 2006

Losing Weight

I started at the beginning of November at 150KG! That is a whopping 330.6lbs. I have made some tremendous progress and I am actually surprised that I havn't put anything on here about it. I've been losing quickly and now I am at 133.8 (295lbs)I expected the initial 10KG would come off quickly just by reducing my intake. I would lose a lot quicker if I had the time to do some cardio workout but I just don't have the time to go to the swimming pool and with my back injury and my feet problems (chronic ankle pain likely caused by bone fragments and repeated injury and aggrevated by morbid obesity) I figure after I get down to about 120KG I should be able to do some walking. I have started to take the subway to private lessons once a week for some exercise. My goal is to get down to 85KG by the end of 2007. More later on the motivations for losing weight.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Academy Killer: The movie

Over at Lost Nomad, there is a discussion about a new movie called “The English Teacher” that is supposed to be out soon. I will have to go and see it just because of the novelty and to see how teachers are portrayed. It should be interesting. As one of the comments queried, I wonder if it is a Korean production or an Indie film or what. Some other comments offered their own ideas for movies involving English teachers in Korea, so, I will offer up my own rough idea for a screenplay or a book or something. Comments welcome

The Academy Killer
It’s a crime drama/murder mystery…kind of like “Seven” but the people who are dying are hagwon directors and English job recruiters and such (am I getting some “hell yeses” from the hagwon crowd out there?) They are winding up dead in some strange and gruesome ways. At first, the police have no leads; it just appears to be a random killing, though they suspect a serial killer because the killer leaves messages and promises more carnage. But it is not until the third killing that that the police see the possible connection to the English teaching industry. So far, all of the messages have been in Korean. Now, the police have what they think is a suspect. A Foreigner English teacher that speaks near perfect Korean is detained and brought in as a suspect. It turns out he was a criminalist in the U.S. before losing his job and making the decision to come to Korea. When his alibi turns out to be airtight, he is asked to assist the police in the investigation. Due to the lack of English speaking detectives they enlist his help to investigate the expat community for possible suspects and to give a fresh pair of eyes to the investigation. A local detective is reluctantly assigned to be the teacher’s ‘handler’ and the relationship that ensues creates both tension and comic relief throughout the investigation. The American’s wife also refuses to understand why he needs to be involved in this matter and this creates additional conflict in him. This investigation goes on with the two ‘investigators’ examining evidence and chasing down leads until they reach the point one of them becomes personally involved and the killer is finally revealed. Ultimately one of them is in a race against time to stop the killer and save his partner.