Saturday, November 04, 2006

Potential Teachers Boycott Teachers' Exam

This just doesn't make any sense from either side of the fence:

University students studying education said Friday that they would boycott the employment test on Nov. 19 to protest the government’s decision to reduce the number of new teachers hired for elementary schools.

It seems to me that these teachers are doing nothing except helping out the education department by making the numbers of potential teachers smaller and therefore and easier choice. These potential teachers need to get out there and ace the tests and show the education authorities that they are making a big mistake.

Why are they making a big mistake you ask? Because the way I see it (and I do see it every other week) 30 to 40 students in a classroom is less like education and more like cattle rustling. The education authorities need to find ways to create more schools and hire more teachers in order to reduce the teacher:student ratio. The creation of more schools and teachers is good for everyone...period. More schools and more teachers means the students get more attention and more chance to learn and succeed. How is it that the education authorities don't seem to seek that as well?

But on the other hand, what do I know? I'm just a foreigner, I couldn't possibly understand the Korean education system and situation, right?


Kalani said...

Posed the same question to a senior in education (Middle/High school) and got a blank stare. The strike doesn't make sense.

The strikers are elementary and what makes it worse is that four schools, I believe, are not joining the strike. Defeats the whole purpose and like you said, the education ministry wins.


fencerider said...

Thanks for being the first person to post on my blog Kalani. Hope you will be a regular visitor. Your opinions are welcome and encouraged.