Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Maybe the Editors should off themselves.

Lost Nomad has a posting with the usual lively comments on a Korea Times article about a girl who was arrested for failing to stop 3 others from completing a suicide pact that they made over the internet. Now the Times has posted another article on the subject that borders on the incoherent. Here's a taste:

The online Web sites related to suicide are being used as means to look for a partner to die with in suicide pact, sell and buy poison, provide various ways to commit suicides. These days, video files in which teenagers act dying have increasingly been going around on online as acting dying has become a popular form of game amid teenagers.

Believe it or not, it gets worse! Check it out here if you can bear it?

BTW...on the subject of suicide in Korean culture. With increasing societal pressures suicide is on the rise in Korea. Whether people are making suicide pacts on the internet, wrestling with subway trains or taking the tried and true express elevator off the apartment roof, the governments attempts to curb suicide will have little effect until concrete steps are taken to not only educate the public on the alternatives that are available but also to address the social stigma associated with seeking the essential psychiatric medical advice related to depression and other mental conditions that can exascerbate the feelings that lead to thoughts of suicide. If the only way that most people will seek therapy is by being forced to after an attempted suicide, then the people who most need the help will not get it in this life. May God have mercy on their souls.

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