Thursday, November 09, 2006

The land of delayed Idol

Living in Korea usually means that I either miss completely most of the stateside TV programming or I get it greatly delayed while whatever episode of whatever show gets purchaced and translated. Some shows get on fairly quickly but others are take forever. One of the shows that I wish I could see in real time is Amercian Idol. I am not much for the commercialism of it all and most of the singers don't really impress me that much (just call me Simon) but occaisionally, something comes from that show that I really like. I havn't seen the fifth season of Idol yet but I just heard some clips of some songs by Chris Daughtry and I have to say...If he didn't win, the others must have been awesome...of course, they passed up on Bo Bice in season 4 so I'm thinking that a real rocker can't win. Maybe because many of the people who would appreciate his and Daughtry's style of singing and music are not the kind of people who would watch Idol and even less likely the kind who would actually pick up the phone and vote for him. But he made it and his new album comes out November 21. If you are interested in hearing a real rocker in the making listen to this.

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