Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Indecent exposure now legal?

According to this article, some interesting laws have been changed including the laws on indecent exposure.

I remember when I came here in 1996, women showing their navels were subject to receiving a ticket. Even short skirts were considered socially deviant. My! How times have changed (He says with a big smile). I didn't realize these laws were still technically in effect but evidently they are soon to be abolished along with some other interesting laws. Check it out for your self and if you can, please explain to me what "abandoning night soils" means.


Anonymous said...

The revision will punish only those who show nudity or their genitals in public. So when a guy sits down on the lawn, takes all his clothes off, and starts rubbing his pathetic petie, he can still be dragged off, bludgeoned, and raped by dirty queers, because he's a sick pervert on methamphetamine or crack! Thus the indecent exposure law's change is meaningless. If they had said, "hey, you can pound the mule or stab the clam in public, it's now okay," then you would be on to something. Imagine Kimchee breath and perverts sitting naked on parks, saying, wanna see me stinky?

fencerider said...