Wednesday, August 01, 2007

If anyone cares (weightloss update)

I havn't commented on the progress I have made in a while and just in case any of my readers out there care to know: I just broke the next plane on my chart and I am down to 105K (231 lbs) That means a total loss of 45K (almost 100 lbs!!) If there are any of you out there who have ever lost a significant amount of weight you know that the compliments from others can really go to your head. Multiply that times about 700 students, parents of privates, and the people you see on the street and you will have an idea of the number of comments that I have had in the past few months. I have to keep telling myself that I am still obese (morbidly so) in order not to get too complacent about the next 25 kilos which I think are the most important. Just to keep myself honest and humble, I had a body fat analysis yesterday and found that I am sadly still around 33%BMI. But considering that, though I didn't have the test done when I began, I was likely around 45-50% last November, I will consider that good too. The kilos have been coming off slowly the past couple of months and it is harder to keep them off so the scales are yo-yoing from day to day depending on the amount of intake vs. the amount of movement. Basically, I need to get off my ass and execise. I'm still waiting for my wife to let me buy that recumbent bike (see wishlist) I've been wanting :)

Here are some stats:
Nov. 150K
Now 105K

Nov. 60 in +
Now 40 in

Nov. XXXXL (No neck to speak of)
Now XL (17 1/2)

For any of you out there trying to lose weight, keep it up. Try to avoid eating at night. I personally make it a habit to abstain after 6pm. Avoid alcohol and large quantities of meat (hard to do in Korea :) and try walking or taking a subway from time to time (and avoid the elevators and escalators while you're at it.) And good luck to you.


Jon Allen said...

That's amazing progress.
Good luck with the next 25kg.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog while searching for a recipe. You have my admiration for your dedication to not only lose this weight, but to keep it off. I found the book My Big Fat Greek Diet, by Dr. Nick Yphantides to be very inspirational. Here's a succinct review of this gem.