Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Top 20 reasons to lose 100 lbs. in Korea.

As a bit of a celebratory shot...having reached the 100 lb. mark:
Though I'm still fat by most anyone's definition, some things have gotten better. Not all of them are specifically related to Korea...just to losing large quantities of weight. So, without further adieu: TOP TWENTY REASONS TO LOSE WEIGHT IN KOREA.

20. Summer seems just a little less stifling (a little mind you!)

19. Your mother-in-law actually TELLS you to eat more

18. The thought of joining your colleagues for a climb up the local ‘mountain’ no longer strikes fear into your heart.

17. Your wife’s need to keep the house at a constant 30 C no longer makes you fear winter

16. You get to buy new clothes at the market.

15. You can actually walk down the aisles between the students

14. You actually have a LAP again

13. You can hold both your children on you LAP at the same time

12. You can sit (almost) comfortably in a school desk.

11. You can carry your children Korean style (riding on your back with hands locked under their behind)

10. The scale at the local sauna can actually tell you how much you weigh now.

9. You no longer have to call home for a care package of underwear once a year. You can finally buy a pair of underwear at E-mart

8. You hear the word “DoongDoong” (fat) a LOT less in public places.

7. You can get in your friends car without asking him to pull away from the curb so you can open the door without grounding it to the sidewalk.

6. Shock value. You have lost more than the average female college student weighs. 흑!

5. You now ‘fit’ in your Korean car. Your belly no longer touches the steering wheel and someone can actually sit in the seat behind you.

4. You no longer displace large quantities of water when getting in the public bath. This results in the secondary benefit of not having to endure the looks of the attendant and other patrons when this happens.

3. Kids now pet your arms instead of patting your stomach. Buy a bottle of Veet and you will become pretty much invisible.

2. You don’t set off the ‘over limit’ alarm in a half-full Elevator anymore: thus avoiding perhaps the single most embarrassing moment in your life.

1. Your wife tells you your ‘gochu’ looks bigger (According to Oprah’s Dr. Oz, men gain 1 inch per 35 pounds (15.8KG) -- that means almost 3 more inches!!

If anyone has any more to add, please feel free in the comments.


ZenKimchi said...

Tell me your secret! I need to lose at least 30 lbs.

EFL Geek said...

keep up the good work.

For me the biggest benefit has been that I sweat less and the heat doesn't bother me as much as it did before. Fat generates a lot of extra heat.

I only lost 12kg (25lbs), but it feels great. ZenKimchi, for me it involved 5km on the running machine 5 times a week and not eating anything after 8pm. Eat anything you want, in moderation, and nothing after 8pm.

Diets don't work, moderation and exercise does. At least that's my experience. Am also interested to hear what worked for the fencerider.

Fencerider said...

I've posted on this before but for such an esteemed guest as ZenKimchi :D I'll repeat and emphasize what geek said...don't eat at night...i suggest 6pm rather than 8pm because i really believe that its that 7pm meal and going to bed at 11 or 12 that gets you...get to bed earlier, rise earlier and consume most of your calories at breakfast rather than dinner.
My loss has tapered off a lot recently, so i started to do some light streching exercises (bad back prevents much more) with one of those strechy cords with the handles on the end (available at any HomePlus for 12,000 or so) just to get the sinew moving...just 2 weeks of that has already started to yield some long lost musculature.
The thing is...Koreans don't eat the bad food (chicken, pizza, ssamgyupsal, anjoo, etc.) until nightime...if you don't eat that stuff you WILL lose weight and quickly if you are like me.

Joe Mondello said...