Friday, August 03, 2007

Oh, Seoul...where art thynst cajones?

I didn't add my two cents on the hostage crisis to this point because I figured there are enough intelligent opinions out there that I agree with in places like Marmot's Hole, Lost Nomad and Scribblings of the Metropolitician (who has my fav by the way). I have to agree with SotM most because he knows, I know and you know that if they give in to the hostages and remove the troops, it will invite further terrorism against South Korean nationals. Of this, I am sure. So, does anyone else but me wonder what happens if Seoul just decides to grow a pair before going to the negotiations and tell the Taliban that the troops will not be coming home before their appointed time at the end of the year; end of that argument.
Just to add a little drama they should get the local South Korean Imam (assuming there is such a person in this relatively muslim-less country)to demand the immediate release of the women aid workers held captive because it is against the will of Allah as outlined in the Que'ran and declare a Fatwah if any harm should come to them. And as the icing on the cake, the South Korean Government (with the Afgan govt. approval) will put forth its offer; Release the hostages immediately, if they are harmed...not only will we not withdraw the troops, we will quadruple the size of the troups, prepare them for combat and send them into your neck of the woods (or desert or mountain bunker or whatever...) to send your collective asses right straight to Allah so that he can sort the whole thing out for you. End of negotiation, now take your brokedown AK-47 toting self back to that cave you came from and give us back our sisters!! BEEEYATCH!

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