Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blogosphere uber alles!!!

I noticed that my post on my Korean bumper car driving experience has been translated in its entirety and posted on a site German site called "Travel Notes" It apparently has articles about travel from various worldwide blogs. My German is both rusty and weak to begin with but it appears that there are articles from all over from this prolific blogger who appears to post 3 to 5 articles or more per day of translated posts mostly dealing with travel. If I'm off on this, or if I have missed something, someone please let me know. Now I know that in Germany, my blog can be called "Ansicht vom Zaun"

Gotta love the internet and this blogosphere we live in...and just in case the blogger from Travel Notes is a regular reader: tausend dank!!

Also worth noting (but admittedly not quite as exciting) is the trackback from the already world- famous GIKorea ROK Drop. Hooah!

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SuMin said...

ah, hello!
I hope you did not forget me already.. I'm SuMin from the TFLHS genius(you called it that way,,,)class.

Your blog seems very interesting, really. I liked reading your opinion about some issue... something that we've talked about in the class.

I couldn't find any BBS, or E-mail address in this blog to leave a simple message something like'I came here!',, err,, I'd appreciate it if you tell me if there is one, .

>It might sound strange, but I apologize about our class's rude behavior.. and again, for my untidy(?) grammars.