Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Top 10 reasons NOT to lose 100lbs. in Korea

For those who still need a excuse reason:

10. Now that you comfortably fit in an economy class seat, so you no longer have a legitimate reason to beg for an upgrade.

9. You no longer have an excuse to park rear-end first since you can squeeze out of your car just like everyone else.

8. Due to the combination of being lighter and eating less (particularly at night), you get drunk faster (No, wait…is that bad?).

7. Thanks to gravity, the loose skin only has one direction to go. If you are over 40 you may notice to your dismay that you have developed a ‘turkey waddle’ and not just on your chin.

6. Being told you look ‘belly good’ gets old unless you get a thousand spot every time someone says it.

5. You have to buy new clothes every 2 months (fine for a company exec or CEO but not so good on a teacher’s salary) and you have to throw out tailored clothes that you had made 6 months ago. Of course you could wait another year and maybe you can use the fabric to double the size of your wardrobe.

4. You will be cornered in the elevator by every person you have ever seen (but who have never spoken to you before) to talk about your weight loss.These people to whom you have never spoken will illustrate, pantomime and use their best Pidgin English to explain to you just how grotesquely fat you used to be. Imagine Pictionary with a 17 floor time limit.

3. No one will be paying you for telling them your secret to losing so much weight.

2. That nice comfortable groove your rotund ass made in your office chair is no longer ergonomic.

1. The cheapest clothes are in a size that you realize you will never reach until 6 months after death.

Obviously, the reasons for losing...ahem...outweigh the reasons for keeping your fat ass fat.
108lbs and counting...50kg is right around the corner~~!!!


Anonymous said...

Before and after photos???

Fencerider said...

I thought about that and I'd like to but I don't post pics of myself for privacy reasons....however, if i can come up with a couple of shots, I might photoshop and blur the face or something....i'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you find shopping for clothes easier now. Where did you find larger size clothing..I'm a female who visited Seoul, and the shopkeepers would push me out of their stores...saying "too fat". Are there places to purchase larger size womens clothing?

Fencerider said...

these days there are 'full-figured gal' shops around you would look for a sign that says 큰옷 KeunOht which means 'big clothes' but they are usually very expensive i've heard. In seoul, itaewon has a pretty good selection of large size shops but for women's fashions you might be outta luck if you are bigger than a size 12. For men's clothes it's pretty easy, i just have them tailored in busan at busanjin market on the second floor right by the entrance that comes off the pedestrian overpass. Don't remember the name but they did a pretty decent itaewon i had some shirts made 2 for 70,000 with a pretty nice material and delivered to me in daegu...not bad.

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