Friday, September 21, 2007

Before and After

I try to keep my few readers happy so, upon request, I have posted a shot of myself before and after the weightloss. The after shots are today and todays weight is officially -50KG!!!!!(cheers from the cheap seats) I am now under 100KG which is a milestone. I'm not going to go on here trying to say i am now skinny or anything, I need to lose another 20 kg for that I think.

What is kind of funny to me is that I can see a difference, but the difference is not that dramatic to me. It just doesn't seem like 50Kg when I look at it. Aside from the belly, I guess it really shows in the face and neck though. Sorry the face is blocked out...i'm shy:( I'm just not ready to expose myself to the world yet.)
Three pics to pereuse:

1. Summer 2006 At 150Kg (about a 64inch waist)
2. Spring 2007 At about 115 or so. (about a 45 inch waist)
3. Current 5 minutes ago at 99.5KG (wearing 38inch for the first time in more than 11 years) Cameraphone shot, sorry about the low quality....maybe i'll post another one at 90Kg later this year I hope.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I hope to emulate your success!!

EFL Geek said...

Great work.

getting down to 80kg - assuming you are about the same height as me (181cm 6feet) will result in having almost zero extra fat around the waist. I got down to 83kg but but moved up to 85 recently - I can finally wear a 34 waist - first time since high school.

Anyhow, it's really impressive what you've done. I know I felt great when I lost weight and I'm sure you feel amazing! keep up the good work.

inkyrose said...

wow.. I need to lose tons of weight as well! You are amazing!