Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why “View from the Fence”?

Today is 2 days after the North Korean’s allegedly detonated a nuclear device. Two days ago, while I was watching CNN, one reporter was walking along the DMZ fence with all of its razor wire talking about what a ‘dangerous place’ and I started to chuckle. Not because I take the situation so lightly, but because I suddenly recalled something my father used to say to me whenever I would vacillate on an issue or decision, “You’re gonna get splinters riding the fence like that.” Razor wire….OUCH!! I’ve been considering starting a blog these days and something just clicked….korea…blog….sitting on the fence…hmmmm…hey!!! Great blog name….voila…fenceriderkorea and “The View from the Fence.” While I’m sure my content won’t be as prolific or exciting as some of the bloggers at Marmot’s or Nomad’s (just to name a couple I read regularly) I will hopefully be able to share some interesting thoughts and news with anyone who happens to stop by. Hope you like it 


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Jon Allen said...

I like the blog too, found it from your comment on lost nomad.