Thursday, October 12, 2006

NORK’s Nukes (try saying that 10 times fast)

Being a fence sitter, I really don’t have direction on the whole issue. On the right we have rabid screaming for everything from cutting off the whole country from the outside to a full-on ‘pre-emptive’ strike. Then we have the more sensitive but cajone-less left worried about the people the midget tyrant is persecuting and starving to death. If we sanction the North, who really suffers they ask?
Where am I on the issue you ask? Where would any good fence sitter be? I think I’ll just wait for people much smarter and more diplomatic than me to duke it out and fix this; hopefully before it’s too late.
Personally, I have my doubts that they even tested a nuke. I think it would be a Waldoesque move to load up a tunnel with old munitions and detonate them to create the earthquake that he would then claim is a nuke. A similar kind of deception is what started the Iraq war in the first place. Saddam convinced us that he had weapons of mass destruction and did everything in his power to make us believe it because he thought (mistakenly) it would deter an invasion. And if the invasion did happen, he could say it was our own fault and that there never were any nukes. Sound familiar? Except this time he’s gambling that we don’t want to make the same mistake twice. C’mon people, the Bouffant Boobah is goading us. Does he really have the goods?

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