Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today's Vocabulary: Gyrate

Gyrate - 1. To wind or move in a spiral course 2. To revolve quickly and repeatedly on one's own axis

Observe an example:

Now if that ain't gyratin' I don't know what is.


James Turnbull said...

You really should post a warning that if you click on the youtube link then you'll learn that "gyrate" is number 1 in a series of 6, and in addition to that there's about 30 similar videos with other girls. I HAD just planned to study Korean for an hour, but after being distracted for a good 35 mins now I think I'll flag that.

Seriously though, the English ability of most red-blooded Korean males would shoot through the roof (no pun intended) if study materials like this were used instead.

Personally, I got sick of Korean study books that assumed that I was just fascinated in traditional Korean dances and how to make Kimchi, and so to help me study Korean I translate about 3 or 4 trashy articles about Korean bikini models instead: after all, it's always best to use something you're already interested in (watching the computer game channels work for me too), and those materials in particular encourage me to take a long hard look at the Korean used (oops, there I go again) and to check and recheck until I know it inside out.

If you can help me with some Korean vocab on your blog like that video too, then that would be much appreciated!

Fencerider said...

Thanks for the comments james. Sorry to disturb your Korean study. I knew about the other videos and figured people would find them on their own if they wanted more.
I appreciate your suggestion to add more word of the day. I might give that a try and see how it works out.

James Turnbull said...

Damn, looks like ALL of them were removed from youtube! Can't say I'm suprised though ;)