Monday, October 27, 2008

Korean B-boys and Samulnori in the UAE

The night before last I attended a concert at the Abu Dhabi National theater. Performing were a troup of Korean Samulnori and B-boy dancers. I'm not sure who hosted the entire event (I think it was the Korea-Arab League and perhaps KNTO) but it was nice after a couple of months away to see and hear some familliar things. I have met several Korean families since I have been here but I had no idea that there was such a large presence.
The show was delightfullly entertaining. I really expected the usual B-boy hip-hop thing and figured my daughter would love it but they fused modern 'b-boy dance' with some classical music and even samulnori. I particularly enjoyed the b-boy rendetions of Pachelbel and Arirangs; a delightful fusion of modern dance and hip-hop set to classical music.
Of course there was the expected 'sparkling' aggrandizing of Korea as a tourist destination but as I watched, I felt myself unexpectedly proud of the presentation of Korea and its attractions. Perhaps it takes a new perspective to appreciate it after 12 years.


Kim said...

Glad to hear you are adjusting to your new place. I am surprised by the number of Koreans there. I look forward to more stories ..and BTW, how is wife and baby?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found your blog while surfing on the net.

I found your cultural background really interesting (living in Korea and moving to the UAE. There aren't many foreigners-I mean non Koreans- in the UAE who have lived in Korea)

Are you still in the UAE?
I am a Korean living in Abu Dhabi
living a quite nomadic life
travelling to different places.
I actually arrived here last week.

Lovely blog. It was interesting to see your perspective on Korea.
Would like to hear your stories and perspectives of the UAE.
How it's different from Korea etc. Take care.