Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stuff packed

Departure is the end of next week. Last Thursday we went to Seoul to take care of the attesting of documents and on Friday the shipping company came and moved the boxes of aforementioned stuff from our house. MinHang Shipping has so far done and outstanding job of packing our stuff and getting it out of the house. We are quoted a rate of 2.1million won for about 7CBM door to door. We wound up having a couple extra boxes to ship and we sent those to the company the following monday and they said they would include them with the rest of the shipment; all total 47 boxes of life in Korea. We'll see if arrives all in one piece.
This may be my last posting for a while. Life is getting pretty hectic and it's hard to get online to take care of the blogging to all my loyal readers (2 or 3 of you) i'll keep you posted from the other side (of asia).


Kim said...

Happy traveling and I await new posts from your new home.

Pedro Padro said...

It’s been a while since you moved. I hope your stuff were shipped well and you’re now settled in your new home. I trust they arrived in one piece as you picked an outstanding company to ship them. Anyway, how are you now? I wish you’ll update us soon on your life there. =) PEDRO @