Monday, December 10, 2007

I wonder?

I feel really bad for the folks on the west coast who have likely lost their livelihoods for several years before it will be able to recover. But I can't help but wonder in the face of this adversity, how long will it be before these wind up in your local supermarket...cleaned up and marked down of course.

Seafood just got a lot more expensive.


James Turnbull said...

I'd like to think that you're exaggerating...but you're probably right. Just this week I heard that 88% of Korean products marked "organic" aren't at all, but there is no law in Korea setting standards for the label at all (can pass on a link if anyone wants). And earlier this year I read that something like 28 out of 30 vitamin C drinks on the market have the carcinogenic product benzene in them...but of course again there was no law against this, and the KFDA couldn't even tell consumers the names of the 2 drinks that didn't.

I remember that Japanese consumers literally got fed up with that crap in the mid-1990s, and more binding legislation was finally put in place. I wouldn't be surpised to see the same happening in Korea over the next 5 years or so, I'm hearing stories like that much much more than I did when I came 2000, so surely some critical mass of dissatisfaction has to be reached eventually.


ZenKimchi said...

True dat. I'll be checking my oysters more closely now.