Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wrongly Accused Blogger: Metropolitician joins the list

First it was ZenKimchi getting accused of things he didn't do and getting dragged through the inJustice system, now the Metropolitician is dragged into the quagmire. It reads like something out of a Stephen King short story...a true nightmare. Basically, minding his own business and he gets verbally and odiferously assaulted by a drunk adjussi and then when he calls the police to get the guy to quit bothering him....HE GETS ARRESTED because the drunk off his kiester Korean guy said that the M kicked him and left a bruise. M has been printed and booked and I would assume is in need of some legal counsel (though he did not specifically appeal for it on his blog).

Now, I'm not one for sticking up for someone when I don't hear both sides of the story, so if you understand Korean, you can hear the real B.S. in a recorded conversation with the mephitic sot. There are some real dire consequences if this conviction sticks so I certainly hope he can beat this wrap totally. Unfortunately, the ill-smelling inebriate does not appear to have any money and therefore can't be sued for the likely financial damage that M will need to keep it off his record.

My advice, M...get legal counsel now! Contact anyone you might know or who might know someone who is a high ranking police officer to try and help you take care of this before it gets out of hand.


Kim said...

I read the account and I am both saddened and horrified. Being Korean and one whole loves my country and usually talks about my country with pride and deep love am ashamed at this behaviour.

I believe he should get the American embassy on his side at least to get a fair trial.

The more I read blogs of people living in Korea and about the racism going on, I am truly shocked. I have always heard touted and grown up with the notion that Koreans were open minded and accepting. My Korean eyes are opening to the reality and are ashamed of their shape.

Fencerider said...

Thank you for you comments:) I'm sure M would like to hear your words of encouragement also, I hope you left him a note also.

Mike Bohemoth said...

Where's Mike? His site is gone. Is he okay? Kinda miss him. Although I don't know him personally, I enjoyed reading his blog and it worries me that someone who posted what might be considered critical views of Korea has just vanished without notice. What happened? Did anyone blog about THAT?

Anonymous said...

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