Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hell's Angels Korea Chapter??!!

From the JoongAng:

They may not be as fearsome as America’s legendary Hell’s Angels

Indeed!? But they are still a pain in the petut; These gangs of motorcycles that run through the cities at all hours making a general nuisance of themselves. Since I live in Daegu, I don't see the types of large gangs that this article talks about but I have seen groups that are as large as 30 to 50 motorcycles riding through the streets; sans muffler, and making a helluva racket in a residential area at midnight. The stupidest thing about it all is that the police actually seem afraid of these groups. They are powerless to do anything about them and usually just stand by helplessly and watch or at best take video in hopes of catching a few.
Now, what do you suppose would happen if such a group manifested itself in the U.S.? What would the police do there?
Another question: If they were able to "infiltrate the group" then why couldn't they set up roadblocks along the announced route; why not mobilize the riot police and teach them how to dismount a slow moving motorcycle rider without killing anybody?
I am inviting non-violent (or life-threatening) suggestions for handling the problem.
Here are some of mine (feel free to comment)

1. How about tagging? Use some spray cans of that invisible paint that only shows up under UV light and mass spray the riders. They will think they just got sprayed by water or something..go home and the police will track them overnight with UV lights. Clothes, bikes, helmets, hair, etc would all be covered or at least spotted to positively identify the culprits. Don't forget to remove their licences and impound their motorcycles.

2. Infiltrators notify police of the event and all police offices surrounding the area set up individual roadblocks to individually stop riders (one would assume the group mentality gives many of them their bravado and individually or in smaller groups they would be easier to handle.

3. High Tech Variation on the tagging: Electronically tag the motorcycles with some kind of projectile weapon, track them on GPS to their homes or hideouts. Don't forget to impound their motorcycles and remove their licenses.

Any other suggestions?


Rick said...

what is the problem if the aren't doing crimes? are we affraid of all motorcycles and their riders? pleaseeeee.

Fencerider said...

The problem is that they ARE breaking the law. I was a rider for 25 years and I have nothing against motorcycles to be sure. However, I DO have a problem with a pack of kids on muffler-less motorcycles (illegal BTW) zipping throught the streets breaking the traffic rules and creating traffic problems for others (also illegal).
They also come around late at night creating a raucous in residential neighborhoods (illegal) with the INTENTION of raising the dead (probably a misdemeanor) and defying the police (a felony in most places in the world...probably not in Korea)
Driving is a priveledge, NOT a right! if they can't obey the rules of the road and respect other drivers...they shouldn't be allowed on the streets.

Anonymous said...

I want to meet one of them in Tongyeong.