Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Update on Weightloss and Light Blogging

Christmas was woefully uneventful and I managed to avoid any overfeeding and only gained about a kilo on that weekend but quickly lost it and more. Currently sitting at 129KG (that's 284 pounds!!)It seems to be coming off at about a half to 3/4 KG per day and all I am really doing is reducing the intake and not eating after dark. My wife insists that I eat two big spoons of 천국장 (Kind of soybean beads) in the morning and evening and she insists that that is why it is working. Who knows maybe she is right I just know I'm gonna go with what is working.
I am done with school and grading for now so I will be out of the office and therefore blogging will be difficult. I really don't know how the married major bloggers like Nomad and Marmot (though I'm not sure if Robert has kids) manage to keep posting regularly. I can't even get to the computer at home these days because either my 4-year-old daughter wants to watch "The Little Mermaid" or "Beauty and the Beast" for the umpteenth time or my wife needs to do some kind of financial housekeeping. So the only time I could practically blog from home is about 2 am. I like blogging and I love my readers (the few that are out there) but not that much thanks. Not to mention that my year old son wakes at about 7am every morning and I spend most of the day chasing him around. So, i'll sees ya when I sees ya.


Jon Allen said...

Great news.
Happy new year to you.

I'm lucky, my wife is at work
while I am home and blogging!

BellFitCoach said...

Haha I'm not sure if those soyabeans are the reason you are losing weight. Your wife deserves credit cos they are good for you though. I'd say that the reducing intake of food is doing it for ya, and chasing your son around. By reducing your food intake you take in less energy, and by chasing your son you burn more energy. By doing that your body has to use the stored fat energy, and you lose weight. I'm a personal trainer from New Zealand by the way and have a blog I have articles that may help you out. If you have any questions or need to know anything about diet and exercise please leave a comment on my blog and i'll write a post just for you.